Special Magic Positions

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Special Magic Positions

Post by Ivyleaf on Fri Apr 15, 2016 9:53 pm

So, here is where you can sign up for different positions of magic. These include dragon, god, and demon slayers, as well as the thirteen special zodiac keys. The availability options are down below, as well as an application form. So you are forewarned, you may be told to provide an RP sample as well.

Dragon Slayers:
Fire Dragon Slayer: OPEN
Water Dragon Slayer: OPEN
Lightning Dragon Slayer: OPEN
Ice Dragon Slayer: OPEN
Sky Dragon Slayer: OPEN
Light Dragon Slayer: OPEN
Shadow Dragon Slayer:OPEN
Iron Dragon Slayer:OPEN
White Dragon Slayer: OPEN

God Slayers:
Fire God Slayer: OPEN
Water God Slayer: OPEN
Lightning God Slayer: OPEN
Ice God Slayer: OPEN
Sky God Slayer: OPEN
Light God Slayer: OPEN
Shadow God Slayer:OPEN
Iron God Slayer:OPEN
White God Slayer: OPEN

Demon Slayers:
Fire Dragon Slayer: OPEN
Water Demon Slayer: OPEN
Lightning Demon Slayer: OPEN
Ice Demon Slayer: OPEN
Sky Demon Slayer: OPEN
Light Demon Slayer: OPEN
Shadow Demon Slayer:OPEN
Iron Demon Slayer:OPEN
White Demon Slayer: OPEN

Celestial Spirit Keys:
Pisces: OPEN
Aquarius: OPEN
Capricorn: OPEN
Scorpio: OPEN
Libra: OPEN
Virgo: OPEN
Cancer: OPEN
Gemini: OPEN
Taurus: OPEN
Ophiuchus: OPEN

App Form:

[b]Position Wanted:[/b]
[b]Why you should have it:[/b]

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