Special Stat and Perks

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Special Stat and Perks

Post by Ivyleaf on Sun Apr 24, 2016 1:18 am

This thread is about Fairy Tail's special stat, the stat you get if you choose Earthland as your starting world. This controls all of your magical power, or mp. Magic is generated as a character's spirit. When this spirit comes in contact with nature, magic is produced. As it takes a lot of mental concentration and physical exertion to perform this skill, few people can use it. This is utilized as a mage stores a special molecule called ethernanos inside their body. A weak mage has a very small body container for holding ethernanos, making it so their magic is not so potent. A powerful mage has a large container, capable of holding much more ethernanos. We call this capacity "magical power", or " mp" for short.

Each level player has a different capacity for this stat, allowing them to have more power each time they level up. Magical power starts at 100mp for beginning players, increasing by 50mp for each level up.

A special ability someone can choose to receive at level 15 is Second Origin. This opens up a new container inside their body, one that allows them to hold a little more power than before. When Second Origin is put into use, you can use any amount of mp from the 200mp stored inside to boost a spell for damage. However, to obtain this ability, you must create a thread with either someone teaching/giving you Second Origin, or you yourself learning Second Origin. You must have 6,000 words in this in your own posts alone in order to gain this.

Below is information on how much each spell costs.
Level One: 15
Level Two: 30
Level Three: 40
Level Four: 50
Level Five: 55
Level Six: 65
Level Seven: 75
Level Eight: 85
Level Nine: 95
Level Ten: 100
Level Eleven: 110
Level Twelve: 120
Level Thirteen: 125
Level Fourteen: 135
Level Fifteen: 145
Level Sixteen: 155
Level Eighteen: 170
Level Nineteen: 190
Level Twenty: 250

You will also receive perks for starting in the Fairy Tail world. They are below, in the spoiler.

1. Magical Sense
Only native Earthlanders will be able to sense how powerful anyone who has FT world abilities is as well as where their location is.

2. Signature Spells
Yes, you will receive one signature spell that requires no mp and no Cooldown at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20. People who didn't start in this world do not receive signature spells!

3. Exertion
If starting in Earthland, you receive the ability to go into a mode called Exertion once per thread. While in this condition, your spells do not require any mp or Cooldowns for two posts. However, afterwards, you lose the health damage this spell would usually cost on yourself because of your overexertion.

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