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Spell Guide

Post by Ivyleaf on Mon Apr 25, 2016 11:05 pm

There are all types of possible spells you could cast, make unison raids, and stack spell slots for more powerful spells! This is a basic guide, but we leave most of it up to your creativity!

Spell Types:

Instant Damage:
Deals all damage of spell upon impact, at the point of impact.
Duration Over Time:
Deals all damage over a duration. The damage can go up to 150% of the normal spell damage, but requires a longer Cooldown.
Area of Effect:
Deals damage in spot hit, as well as 75% of the damage in an area around it. These spells can often cause unplanned effects to random people in the range.
Multiple Hits:
If the spell involves multiple projectiles, then the damage must be evenly split among them, unless you otherwise specify.
Defense Spells:
Defense spells can defend up to two spells of the rank they are at, before collapsing.
Healing Spells:
A healing spell can typically heal the amount of damage a spell it's rank usually causes. If you add penalties to this, however, extra HP can be added.
Charge Spells:
These spells are extremely powerful, being able to deal up to two times your rank in power. However, these spells usually take a post or two just to set up, and you must be completely concentrated on it the whole time. This could cause you to become very vulnerable.
Chain Spells:
These are the same spells cast over and over again, doubling the mp cost and Cooldown each time. (e.g. You cast a 20mp costing spell once, then twice. The mp for the second time will be 40mp. The Cooldown will be doubled.
Buff Spells:
These spells give you a benefit in any of your stats. The limits to these are very wide, and to be decided by a mod because it all depends on the situation.

Unison Raids:
Unison raids are when you and another player combine spells to gpcreate a bigger, more powerful attack. 75% of each spell's power will be used for equality, and the end result must make sense. In order to be eligible for a unison raid, a thread of 20 posts and 259 words each must be completed for training. The template is the same as spell combos.

Stacking Slots:

When stacking spell slots, you can create a spell of a higher rank. This process is, in fact, very simple. Two level 1 spell slots stacked becomes one level 2 slot. One level 1 stacked with one level 2 becomes a level 3 slot. It goes on up in this way, with one spell of one level combined with one spell of the level below it equals the level slot you now have. So, if you wanted a level 10 spell slot, you would only have to stack a level 8 and level 9. However, your highest spell level cannot exceed your current level, so please keep that in mind!

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