Destroy the Olden Ways!(Lvl.2)

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Destroy the Olden Ways!(Lvl.2)

Post by Ivyleaf on Mon May 09, 2016 11:25 pm

Name: Destroy the Olden Ways!

Level: 2

Requirements: Must have at least 5000 words

Location: Forests of Tartarus

Description: An ancient cult has risen again, performing sacrifices that are draining the land of resources. Both good and evil affiliations find problems with this, and have teamed up to form a request for anyone to stop the cult.

Weak x10 - Lvl.1 initiates who use shadow magic attacks
Normal x5 - Lvl. 2 warriors who use Lvl.2 melee attacks with swords and spears
Strong x2 - Lvl. 2 priests who use Lvl. 3 melee attacks and levl.2 magic attacks(any magic is fine)
Boss x1 - Lvl. 3 Head priest who uses lvl.3 magic and takes 12 hits to down

Reward: 4000 SC

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