Spy Job!(Lvl.3)

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Spy Job!(Lvl.3)

Post by Ivyleaf on Fri May 13, 2016 11:05 pm

Name: Spy Job!

Level: 3

Requirements: Must have 7000 words in total. Can only be in good alignment

Location: Forests of Tartarus

Description: The Magic Council has hired you to spy on a group of dark mages hiding out in the forests of Tartarus. You are to figure out information about the group's reinforcements, then disable the current group here whether it's by killing or capturing.

Weak x10 Mini Mages. Attack with shadow magic, and are Lvl.2 mages

Normal x5 Apprentice Mages. Attacks with takeover magic, and are an assortment of lvl.2 and Lvl.3 mages

Strong x2 Journeyman Mages. Attacks with slayer magic, and are Lvl.3 mages

BOSS x1 Head Commander Mage. Attacks with fear magic, and is a Lvl.4 mage.

Reward: 3500 SC

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