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Please create a nickname for the current Kahoot game. Be sure it does not contain any inappropriate terms, and does not surpass a character limit of 20. Do you see it on the screen?

Waiting for more players...



*This is not a real Kahoot game! Please do not try to use the code on the actual website - it will not work. Instead, incorporate these things into a sort of intro or starter post below! Be sure to mention your nickname so you get up on the "screen".

Slowly, Sorano lowered her arms. Legs trembling slightly with the effort of using so much mana in such a short amount of time, and eyes stinging from the non-stop writing she’d done for the past hour, she stood up to admire her work. In the main hall of their guild, a giant screen hovered before the staircase, fading softly through different shades of color. She’d never attempted anything like this before, but it seemed to be working well enough so far. Casting a final spell to create a floating microphone that would amplify her voice when she spoke, the letter mage looked down at the now blank notebook before her. All the codes and descriptions she had written out over a total of twenty pages, each filled with cramped handwriting…all gone. Completely transformed into what the guild hall was now. Chairs and tables had been arranged into neat rows, a small screen floating above each seat. She was ready now, wasn’t she?

Carefully, the letter mage made her way up to the top of the transparent platform she’d manifested with her magic, catching her breath at the top. Who knew that creating a mere game would take so much effort? Quickly, she connected her magic throughout the guild hall, spreading into the dormitory complex across the street as well. Her voice would monotonously echo through the buildings, calling out: “All members of Fairy Tail, please proceed to the main lobby for the First Annual Fairy Tail Kahoot games. I repeat, please make your way to the main lobby for the First Annual Fairy Tail Kahoot games.” It was an idea that had come to the guild master on a whim, watching Hoshi paw through one of her favorite lacrima trivia games. Being an absolute nerd, it was no wonder that Sorano was a supporter of education, and playing a game for education was an absolutely genius idea in her mind. On each floating screen in the lobby, instructions would appear at the swipe of Sorano’s finger, her gaze sweeping over the few mages that had started to appear. Explaining the rules of the game and the prizes on the holographic surfaces, she hoped the members would not be too taken off guard.

She hadn’t really mentioned the event to anyone besides Ezra and Mura at the moment, but from what she had seen, the guild was getting restless. Having to do dull jobs day after day did get tiring after all, and they probably deserved a game. Sorano didn’t really understand such emotions of boredom and joy, but she had seen enough in the auras of the mages around her. Besides, it wouldn’t do to let all that magical power to waste, right?

“Please sign in to each screen with your nickname! Keyboards can be found by tapping the tables below the screens!” Well, you never knew how they’ll react until you try!

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