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Post by Awkward Silence on Wed Apr 13, 2016 4:53 pm

Welcome! Perhaps you've come here to find out what exactly all those flames do before you choose one of the ones you've rolled, or maybe you just want to know what exactly they do, keep on reading to find out!

First off-- what exactly are Dying Will Flames? Well, read this Katekyo Hitman Reborn! entry to find out.

"The Dying Will Flame is described as high-density form of energy that is refined from one's own life-force. Due to the way it resonates with one's emotions, it has been regarded as a type of battle aura. However, unlike the aura, which is a supernatural phenomenon that can only be seen by a few individuals, the Dying Will Flame is in many ways more alike to a real flame, possessing even its own destructive properties.

Like in the anime, the flame's characteristics will actually affect how your character fights, so be sure to read thoroughly before you choose one. Here at Renegade Realms, our flames have little perks that come into effect whenever you use your flames, but they also have much greater perks that can be utilized in techniques. For example, a Storm Flame user's perks would be Minor Disintegration for any attacks utilizing flames at all, and Major Disintegration for flame-related techniques."
-Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Wiki

Dying Will Flames can be activated in one of two ways, through Dying Will Mode or Hyper Dying Will Mode (more detail can be found in the 'Dying Will!' Section) or by focusing on your Ring (more detail can be found in the 'Rings!' section).

Sky Flames:
Ah yes, Sky Flames. The cream of the crop, the rarest of the rare. Sky Flame users utilize the special abilities Minor Harmony and Major Harmony, both of which allow Sky Flames to synchronize with the user's surroundings, open other Flames' Box Weapons, and to also merge other Flames with their own. A technique utilizing the Harmony ability is Tsuna's famous Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised.

Minor Harmony: Minor Harmony is what allows Sky Flame users to open any boxes, and it also provides a minor regenerative factor. So long as the user has a flame ignited, they receive 5% of their health back every post, making this very useful for Dying Will users. However, Minor Harmony cannot be used for Harmony-utilizing techniques such as Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised, and cannot be used to merge flames.

Major Harmony: Major Harmony allows the Sky Flame user to do very powerful things, such as absorb the flames of others and turn them into their own flames, or even to merge their flames with those of others.

Major Harmony Techniques- Major Harmony Techniques are things like Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised, or the ability to enter Hyper Dying Will Mode at all. At first level, you can have 1 Major Harmony Technique, and this increases by 1 every third level.

Flame Merging- You can take up one of your Major Harmony Techniques to give yourself the ability to merge your flames with those of others. One slot only lets you merge with one flame though, so if you want to be able to merge with all six of the other types of flames, you'll have to use six of your Major Harmony slots.

Note: Nerfing of these techniques will be left to admin and moderator discretion.

Storm Flames:
Storm Flames are the most offensively based flames, using the aptly named Minor Disintegration and Major Disintegration techniques. As the name states, users of these flames are able to make objects fall apart at the seams, and living beings decay into a pile of, well, dust. They are also capable of making Dying Will Flames disappear, even if just for a short period of time.

Minor Disintegration: Storm Flames are capable of enhancing melee attacks by 25% as long as the user as a flame lit, and they are also capable of making inanimate objects (excluding those important to plot development and weapons used by characters) fall apart.

Major Disintegration: This is where stuff starts to get good. Using Major Disintegration, Storm Flame users are capable of delivering devastating attacks with their flames, turning weapons and animals to ash and majorly injuring humans. Anything disintegrated with Storm Flames will be regenerated in the next thread. By using the destructive properties of Storm Flames, some users can even make shields that break down attacks before they can actually connect with the user.

Major Disintegration Techniques- Gokudera's Tornado Flame Arrow is a prime example of how devastating Storm Flame attacks can be. That being said, Storm Flame users can inflict devastating damage that turns things to dust (the attack power of their techniques is boosted by 25%). They can also disintegrate attacks before they even hit (the defensive power of their techniques is boosted by 25%). They can also create techniques capable of rendering enemies incapable of using Dying Will Flames for up to 2 posts. At first level, you can have 1 Major Disintegration Technique, and this increases by one every fourth level.

Rain Flames:
Rain Flames aren't nearly as offensive as Storm Flames are, instead, they focus on weakening the enemy, thus making the fight easier for the Rain Flame wielder. They use their Minor Tranquility and Major Tranquility abilities to weaken their opponents, robbing them of their strength and capacity of movement. Rain Flames can also be used to make ice.

Minor Tranquility: Minor Tranquility is essentially a weakened version of the abilities of Major Tranquility. As long as they have a flame lit, all of the user's melee attacks make the opponent 5% slower for one post, and also decreases the strength of their physical attacks by 5%. This can stack up to three times, and the user can choose how to stack it. They can either choose a 15% decrease for one post, or a 5% decrease for up to 3 posts. They can also create trinkets out of ice with ease, not taking up any techniques.

Major Tranquility: This is a Rain Flame user's true strength, using Major Tranquility they can majorly debilitate their enemies, and they the only ones capable of using their flames to do so. Others can hit nerves to debilitate their enemies by up to 20% by hitting nerves (takes up a Technique), but utilizing Major Tranquility techniques, Rain Flame users can decrease their opponents stats by up to 50%. They can also create ice out of nothing, such as creating gigantic spikes out of ice, which also takes up a Major Tranquility technique.

Major Tranquility Techniques- By hitting people with their flames, Rain Flame users can significantly debuff their enemies, and they can also create devastating weapons of ice, ranging from giant ice spikes to even bigger ice swords. Any debuffing techniques that Rain Flame users utilize will have their effects passively increased by 25%. The same goes for any ice techniques. At first level, you can have 1 Major Tranquility Technique, and this increases by one every fourth level.

Sun Flames:
Sun Flames are all the rage for melee-based fighters, using their awesomely powerful Minor Activation and Major Activation Techniques, they can increase their own speed, strength, and healing abilities. This makes Sun Flame users some of the most powerful melee attackers out there. However, overuse of these abilities can lead to cellular death, although this only applies to Major Activation.

Minor Activation: Due to the amazing power of the Activation abilities, Sun Flame users always have at least some of their Activation powers active, granting them boosts to their speed, strength, and healing abilities. Even without a Flame ignited, Sun Flame users have a 10% boost to speed and strength, and they heal 1% of their heal per post. When they have a flame ignited, however, the speed and strength boost increases to 25%, and the healing factor increases to 2%.

Major Activation: Sun Flame users can send their Activation abilities into overdrive when using Major Activation techniques. Major Activation abilities mostly focus on boosting melee attacks, techniques such as Ryohei's Maxmium Cannon send all of the user's energy into one single attack, boosting it's damage tremendously. Along with all of it's other effects, a Major Activation technique adds a 75% boost to melee attacks.

Major Activation Techniques- Major Activation Techniques focus on only two things, boosted melee attacks and healing. Major Activation techniques send all the energy from the user's cells into one single attack, boosting their melee attacks by 75% (a maximum of 3 melee attacks can be boosted using a Major Activation Technique). Major Activation Techniques can also be used to boost the users healing factor up to 10% of their maximum health per post for a maximum of three posts. You can increase more than 3 melee attacks by more than 75%, but for every extra attack you boost, you take 5% damage. At first level, you can have 1 Major Activation Technique, and this increases by one every fourth level.
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