Your Guide to Creating a Fairy Tail Character

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Your Guide to Creating a Fairy Tail Character

Post by Ivyleaf on Wed Apr 13, 2016 6:57 pm

So, here on Renegade Realms, we have tons of different abilities, magics, powers, whatnot. To complicate things for you even more, we have different rules for all of them! Very Happy Yay, right? But, don't worry, we'll have guides written for you in each section, so it's not quite so easy to get mixed up. Here, we have the guide for Fairy Tail-esque magic and how to make it.

Step One: Create your character if you haven't already.
For people travelling here from a different world, you can ignore this step. If you are choosing Fairy Tail as your starting world, go and make a character before continuing on the following steps, please. You can't have a magic if you don't have a character after all, right?

Step Two: Decide whether you want to try for a special magic position.
There will be a dice rolling thread if you wish to try for a special magical position such as slayer magic, or lost magic. (Insert link here) If not, skip this step as well. Note: There will be a post in the WIP Magic section with the code so it's more convenient.

Step Three: create your magic!
Now, the moment you've all been waiting for! In the spoiler below is the magic template, which you post in the WIP Magic section when completed. Then, a mod will check your magic and approve it.

Magic Template:
Magic Name:(What's the magic called?)
Alternate Name(s):(Other names your magic goes by, if applicable)
Type:(What type of magic do you have? Put whether it is holder or caster magic, as well as if it's slayer or lost magic if you have one of those as your magic.)
Level:(Your current level, please update this as you move up the ranks)
Description:(Describe your magic as best you can, what it is, how it's used, special conditions it may have, etc.)
Strengths:(Please list at least three)
Weaknesses:(Please list at least three)
Abilities:(Special abilities, usually passive that relate to your magic and supports you without need of casting a spell. You may have three in all.)
Spell Template:
Spell Name:(Name of the spell)
Type:(What it does - offense, defense, etc)
Level:(What level power it is. You may have three spells for each rank you gain.)
Duration:(How long it lasts in posts)
Cooldown:(How long it takes before you can use it again, must be at least one post more than duration, maybe longer or shorter depending on spell effects)
Description:(Describe how it looks, what it does, how it works, size, speed, range, anything that needs mentioning)

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