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Post by Admin on Thu Apr 14, 2016 12:11 pm

Character Regulations:
Here's a brief list of the rules involved with character creation!

  • Characters must have a defined age, even if that age is billions of years, because "ageless" is too nondescript.
  • No characters can be immortal, only eternally youthful, because where's the fun in a character with no risks?
  • As a non-canon site, we will not be allowing canon characters in the worlds, such as Yato or Natsu. Canon Face Claims, however, are perfectly fine.
  • You can add things to the template if you want, like a spoiler for the personality or individual subsections to further describe your character, but you must have filled out all the fields provided on the template to have your character approved.
  • If you hold a position (which you are only allowed to hold three at once throughout all the worlds), then you are expected to be active. We completely understand that real life comes first, and will make judgements on a case-to-case basis, but if you disappear ¬†without an explanation for a month, you will most likely lose your position(s).

Alternate Characters:
For those of us who have too many character ideas, heres the general rule: to start, everyone is allowed one alternate character. When your main is at level 3 and your alt is at level 2, then you are allowed yet another alt. Once all of your characters have leveled again, then you are allowed a third alt. This cycle continues one more time, until you have five characters: one main and four alternates.

Alignment System:
We have 9 different alignments to choose from, so pick which fits your character best!
Lawful Good:
Characters and Alignments! Tumblr_m9hcthaEWR1re7wlpo1_1280
Lawful Good characters are the ones that follow the rules of society, even when it is inconvenient, and generally believe that following the rules is the way to make the world a better place.
Neutral Good:
Characters and Alignments! Tumblr_m9hcw95MPv1re7wlpo1_1280
Neutral Good characters like to follow the rules, but are okay with breaking them on occasion, provided no one gets hurt.
Chaotic Good:
Characters and Alignments! Tumblr_m9hcxxRfbm1re7wlpo1_1280
Chaotic Good characters will do anything to achieve their means, provided that the route will lead to a better world.
Lawful Neutral:
Characters and Alignments! Tumblr_m9hcthaEWR1re7wlpo2_1280
Lawful Neutral is the alignment of cruel justice. They focus more on following the rules of society than doing the right thing.
True Neutral:
Characters and Alignments! Tumblr_m9hcw95MPv1re7wlpo2_1280
True Neutral is the most self-serving alignment, caring only about their interests. They have no desire to change the entire world or focus on people they don't care about.
Chaotic Neutral:
Characters and Alignments! Tumblr_m9hcxxRfbm1re7wlpo2_1280
As a general rule, Chaotic Neutral characters want their freedom/neutrality, and will do anything to keep it.
Lawful Evil:
Characters and Alignments! Tumblr_m9hcthaEWR1re7wlpo3_1280
Lawful Evil characters follow their own set of rules, even when it's inconvenient, and are, of course, evil.
Neutral Evil:
Characters and Alignments! Tumblr_m9hcw95MPv1re7wlpo3_1280
Neutral Evil is the typical bad guy, self-serving and focused on achieving their goal, but they won't go out of their way to do unnecessary damage.
Chaotic Evil:
Characters and Alignments! Tumblr_m9hcxxRfbm1re7wlpo3_1280
Chaotic Evil is essentially making as much mayhem as possible.
Picture credit to tumblr user Berlynn Wohl


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