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Post by Admin on Wed Apr 20, 2016 5:32 pm

In order to keep people from power-playing too much, we've devised a simple stat system. Sure, it may seem annoying, but having stats is also what lets you do a whole bunch of super cool stuff!

Alright, so here goes nothing! We have five different stats here at RRRP, we've got Strength, Speed, Weapons Proficiency (or WP for short), Intelligence, and one type of stat called the 'Special Stat'. This is different depending on what universe you originated in, and your special stat is the only thing that no one can obtain except for those that started off in the world that the stat is from.

Everyone stats with one Soul Fragment in each of the stats, you also have one extra Fragment (from reaching First Level) that you can put in any of the stats. Each character must have a stat sheet in order to keep track of their stats. Each of the stat categories increases exactly the same amount every time you put a Soul Fragment into it. Refer to the table below in order to find out what adding a Soul Fragment does for a stat, along with what the base of the stat is.

The Base of the Stat.What happens when you add a Soul Fragment.
StrengthYour melee attacks abide exactly to the 'Melee Damage' table exactly. You are capable of lifting up to 200 pounds.     Every time you add a Soul Fragment, melee attacks do exactly 1 more damage.

Every time you add a Soul Fragment, you are capable of lifting 10 more pounds.
Speed   Everyone's base walking speed is 4 miles per hour, and their base sprinting speed is 30 miles per hour.Every point added increases your walking speed by 2 miles per hour, and your sprinting speed by 3 miles per hour.
  Weapons ProficiencyYour weapon attacks are exactly average, following the 'Weapons Damage' table exactly. You are only capable of simple attacks.     Every time you add a Soul Fragment, weapon attacks do exactly 1 more damage.

Also, every 5 points added to the Weapons Proficiency stat lets you wield weapons of one rank higher.

Once five points have been invested, you are capable of basic complex attacks, and every five points afterwards make you more proficient in this.
IntelligenceYou get two techniques (excluding Special Techniques) which allow you to perform complex attacks (refer to Technique section).      Every point added to Intelligence gives you one more technique.

Every 5 points added give you an extra special technique (possible exceptions, refer to your particular starting universe).
Special Stat     Refer to your starting universe.Refer to your starting universe.


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