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Post by Ivyleaf on Wed May 18, 2016 12:03 am

Character Name: Aoi Kurokawa
Universe: Fairy Tail
Gender: Female
Alias: Gretel(Gingerbread idol group stage name)
Age: 736, but looks around 15
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Personality: Aoi, on the surface, is just your everyday cute and talented pop idol. Revered by thousands of hardcore fans and always seen singing cute songs while wearing cute outfits and looking like the most innocent thing ever, it's a little hard to believe otherwise. She is incredibly deceptive, being a sweet little girl who is kind, a little bratty, but adorable in the long run to her entertainment company, her fans, and just about everyone besides her brother, Aoba. As a member of the idol group Gingerbread, one of the most popular in Fiore right now, she has to keep up the image if she wishes to keep her job. And really, this job allows her to do almost anything she pleases with mad fans willing to follow her off a cliff.

So, yeah, she's one of the most adored girls in the world on the outside. However, her life as a mage is extremely hidden, mainly due to the fact that no one wants to know their idol is a killing machine. For her whole life, due to being a witch that's several hundred years old, she has to deceive people in order to take their life force to extend her own life. To do this, she can be extremely seductive and persuasive, using even the most shameless tactics to make someone bend to her will. She will forever remain looking 15 years old if she continues this process, and most likely will continue it until the world ends. She's cunning, she fights dirty, and isn't someone to be messed with. She loves everyone, and everyone loves her. After all, everyone keeps her alive, right? In her mind, which is honestly quite messed up, everyone loves her and should be perfectly willing to die for her so she has no problem with killing for what she wants.

Her only affection is for her twin brother, Aoba Kurokawa. As the one person who knows everything about her, all sides of her personality, and she being the only one who knows all about him, the two are very close. Though they constantly argue, the two would never leave each other to fend for themselves, and is willing to do almost anything for the other. Even Aoi's cruel and insane streak softens around the one person who truly understands her. However, all in all, she can be summed up with the fact that she is deceptive. Extremely deceptive.

History: Created outside of Fiore, on a nearby island, Aoi and Aoba Kurokawa were the outcome of a witch's experiment. Having been attempting to create clay servants to serve her, she had coated two live children in the clay and baked them, using forbidden magic to bring them to life as faithful children. However, though the children were bound to her will, they had wills of their own, too. Realizing what had happened to them, they soon began to formulate a plan. The witch often made them haul buckets of a poisonous berry, potent for spells to wash near the river.

However, they were unable to deviate from the witch's will and kill her, and so devised a plan for her to bring about her own demise. They would whisper about rumors that the berry brought immortality to whoever could eat it and survive, so naturally the witch became curious. Finally, one day, she decided she would attempt it. She would attempt it only after the twins each ate a berry and survived. Terrified of their futures, they tried to come up with a way to escape, eventually deciding to slowly grow accustomed to the poison. Drinking a tiniest bit of the diluted berry juice every day for a month, slowly increasing the dosage, their bodies became laced with poison, but they were now immune to it. Surviving the test, they tricked the witch and left after she died.

Traveling throughout the world without any money or people to care for them, the two slowly saw more and more of the bad side of humans, the side that ignored two dirty beggars on the street, who would step from two children who were all skin and bones. In the end, they resorted to using witchcraft to stay alive, staying alive even to this day using such a craft.

Likes: (at least three, with a small description of what it is exactly.)
Dislikes: (at least three, with a small description of what it is exactly.)
Motivations: (at least two, with a small description of what it is exactly.)
Fears: (Other than Naras, please have at least three and a small description)
Alignment: (look at the list in the character rules, and choose which one fits best!)

Hair Color & Style: blue hair going down to her hips
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 125 lbs
Weight: 5'5"
Anything Else: N/A
Appearance & Clothing: Normally, Aoi wears very modern clothing from miniskirts and sweatshirts to jeans and a T-shirt. She likes to change up her outfit and accessories, and has excellent fashion sense. For her idol job, she usually wears a red and blue school uniform outfit, or whatever uniform she is provided, usually something cute, and with a ton of frills.

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