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Post by Admin on Tue Apr 12, 2016 7:21 pm

No RPG would exist without the concept of leveling up, so naturally, Renegade Realms has this magical feature of all RPGs as well. Leveling up is the same within all universes contained within the multiverse as to avoid confusion, and it is determined by a super duper ultra magical formula. Every time you level up, you gain a certain number of 'Soul Fragments', which can be invested in your different Soul Categories to make you stronger in that area. Unlike leveling up, each universe has it's own Soul Categories in order to made each and every character unique.

The leveling here is a bit peculiar. We determine levels by using Soul Points, which can be gain though Quests and *insert methods here*. Once you reach the amount of Soul Points needed to level up, you gain that level and the amount of Soul Fragments available to you increases respectively, but your Soul Points are reset back to zero, and you must gain the number specified for the next level. Refer to the table below for Soul Points needed to level up and the amount of Soul Fragments available to you at that level.

Note: Some levels also provide perks depending on which universe you come from. Refer to the rules from your specific universe to find out when you get benefits.

  Soul Points Needed to Level Up    Soul Fragments Available  
Level 101
Level 2505
Level 310010
Level 414014
Level 518017
Level 621520
Level 725023
Level 828026
Level 931029
Level 1033532
Level 1136034
Level 1238536
Level 1342538
Level 1444540
Level 1546042
Level 1648043
Level 1750046
Level 1851048
Level 1952049
Level 2054051


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